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Employment Information
Job Description
  • Plans, adapts and schedules age appropriate curriculum involving various activities to stimulate children’s cognitive skills, abilities and development. (approved by director)
  • Provides continuous supervision to children; ensures health and safety of children.
  • Maintains Center, rooms and play areas in a clean, orderly, safe conditions; sets up rooms and areas for various activities such as lunch, naps, games, etc.
  • Records daily observations of children’s behavior and activities; monitors behavioral patterns and develops assessments and profiles.
  • Schedule parent conferences to discuss children’s development and concerns; works with family to devise learning and development strategies as necessary. (with directors approval)
  • Maintains accurate attendance and enrollment for classroom.
  • Maintains Confidentiality.
  • Monitors children for signs of child abuse and reports incidents of suspected abuse to appropriate authorities.
  • Maintains current knowledge in the field of Early Childhood Development. (12 hours of Continuing Education Classes a year)
  • Maintains daily open communication with parents.
  • Supervise assistants, aids and volunteers in classrooms.
  • Maintains Incident Forms; ensures both teacher and parent sign, Copies are filed and Director is notified.
  • Meet all Maryland Licensing Regulations.

Job Requirements
  • Must be at least 19 Years Old
  • High School Diploma certificate of high school equivalency, Successful completion of college courses for credit or Schooled in early childhood education or Associate or Bachelor’s Degree
  • 6 semester, 90 clock hours or equivalent of approved early childhood coursework.
  • 1 Year experience working with preschoolers in an approved setting or 1 year of college (30 semester hours) or a combination of experience and college that equals 1 year.
  • At least 9 clock hours of approved training in communicating with staff, parents and the public.
  • 12 hours of continuing education a year.
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Pass all State of Maryland Criminal Background Checks